Wednesday Night Groups



Wednesdays @ 7:30pm, Ellis 3D61

Bailey Lape: 573.579.5961

Olivia Bedor: 952.688.6400

College is a season of discovery! A place where we have complete freedom to explore who we truly are regardless of where we’ve been. As we find ourselves in Christ, we enter into a relationship with Jesus and are redefined. Join us as we dive into what it means to be a Christian who loves and serves those around them!


Tell Your Story

Wednesdays @ 7pm, Johnston

India Garrish: 479.301.8107

Liz Nwanesi: 630.854.8771

A wise prophet named Morgan Harper Nicols once said, "Tell the story of the mountains you climbed. Your words could become a page in someone else's survival guide." We believe in the power of each person's life story, messes and all. Jesus wants to use all of it for a good purpose and use it to bring victory. We're going to explore just how much your story matters this year!

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Wednesdays @ 7pm, Bluford

Marta Payne: 785.731.1113

Briley Eilers: 217.271.7860

Elizabeth Kahrs: 573.480.5286

God has made us beautiful and unique, and He has a specific purpose for each of us. Whether we are a future CEO, stay at home mom, or missionary, every woman deserves to know her worth and power as a warrior in the kingdom. Join us as we are equipped by Jesus to live in humility, faith, and power.

Thursday Night Groups

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Let’s get down to business

Thursdays @ 7pm, Johnston Area

Angela Jarvis: 573.247.5356

So often as Christians we struggle to take our faith seriously. When in all actuality the Creator of the universe wants to use us - just normal human beings to do the miraculous. All we have to do is simply say yes!


Following Through

Thursdays @ 7pm, Student Center - study room C

Paige Birk: 573.275.4418

Kaitlyn Litchfield: 573.979.1773

Our relationship with God is a two way street, and we’ve made a promise to Him to follow through with our side of the deal, being faithful servants, praising His name as we work to grow His Kingdom.


Freedom in Surrender

Thursdays @ 7pm, Johnston Hall

Maleia Byrd: 816.588.4392

Logan Fullerton: 417.298.0426

In college, most of us have gained complete control over our lives for the very first time, but we soon come to realize the power that control can have over us. Will we give that control up to Christ or be bound by our need for control?

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Thursdays @ 7pm, Mark Twain

Julie Barton: 417.554.0136

Brooklyn Dillow: 217.413.0574

We're all on different parts of our journey with unique paths ahead of us. Our goal is to support and encourage the other with each new step. Join us as we seek God together in becoming the women He's created us to be.



Thursdays @ 7pm, Mark Twain

Olivia Jackson: 816.462.5370

Elisabeth Glass: 573.814.9841

We are on a journey to find a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God, and sometimes it seems daunting to do that alone. Join us on this voyage as we learn what it’s like to be a crew member on a ship, discovering how to work with each other under the Captain’s orders, and how to adapt to whatever environment we may weather.