Wednesday Night Groups



Wednesdays @ 6:30pm, Hatch

Marta Payne: 785.731.1113

Briley Eilers: 217.320.8508

Micala Gillen: 471.763.5105

We all know that college is about figuring out your life and "finding yourself." Do we really find what we are looking for though? This year we will discover how God finds us no matter how far we run and that in Him, we can find all we truly need. 

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For us, not about us

Wednesdays @ 7pm, Hudson

Angela Jarvis: 573.247.5356

The Bible is full of promises, miracles, blessings, grace and forgiveness. We often think that these things are just for people in the Bible or others today but that is just not the truth. All these things for us but they are not all about us. We want to explore what it means for all of God's blessings, callings, and promises to be For us, not about us.  


Reset 2018

Wednesdays @ 7pm, Johnston

Abby Malloy: 571.442.3473

Julie Hutton: 417.554.0136

Olivia Jackson: 816.462.5370

We tend to be attracted to the non-essentials in life because it looks good to us. However, God is calling us to let go of the excess and be satisfied with Him. Join us as we Reset our whole selves back to the basics and what's really important.


She will not fall

Wednesdays @ 6:30pm, Memorial Union

Chasity Williams: 573.795.0074

Meg Rogers: 816.518.6667

Psalm 46:5 says “God is within her, she will not fall”. By putting our trust in the Lord we simply cannot fall. Join us as we look at powerful women in the Bible and how God wants to use us just the same.

Thursday Night Groups


Rooted in Hope

Thursdays @ 7pm, Hawlewood

Elizabeth Kahrs: 573.480.5286

Amelia Hauck: 573.823.8045

Have you ever been through a time in life where there seemed to be no hope around you? So have we, and we want to share how depending on God can change our perspective and situations. Join us as we discover how to become Rooted in the Hope of Jesus.


Rise Up

Thursdays @ 7pm, Dogwood

Morgan Malloy: 573.248.6198

Kaitlyn Litchfield: 573.979.1773

As daughters of God, He has called us to be strong women who stand up for His Kingdom. We want to be a group of believers who rise up and empower each other to live in a lifestyle of love and hold each other to the standards that God has placed on our lives.


The Pursuit

Thursdays @ 7pm, Gateway

Emily Smith: 573.576.9886

Bailey Lape: 573.579.5961

We know that the Lord pursues us relentlessly. He chose to pursue you and me even to the point of
death. We believe that the only response we can have to really understanding His love is to pursue Him just as relentlessly! This year we’re praying that the Lord leads us to understand more of His pursuit of us so that we can respond by chasing after Him together. As we do this, we’ll also see how He teaches us to pursue each other with fiercely relentless love. We want to mirror Him in giving everything we have to simple but ferocious pursuit. God pursues us. We pursue God. We pursue each other.