Wednesday Night Groups


Break Chains

Wednesdays @ 7pm, Hudson

Briley Eilers: 217.320.8508

Morgan Spratt: 573.248.6198

Sierra Applegate: 314.756.1304

Through all the twists and turns life throws at us, our vision of who we are and who God is can become hazy. We are a group of girls who want to break free from past mistakes and redefine our misconceptions of who God is. Come join us as we find our freedom and true identity in Christ. 



Wednesdays @ 8pm, Galena

Kathryn Melton: 303.518.9790

So often in life we tend to focus on the temporary things and troubles of this world, leaving us distraught and dissatisfied. As sisters, we want to take a look at what's Everlasting - the strength, love, and power of a relationship with our Father in Heaven!






Greater is He

Wednesdays @ 7pm, College Ave

Chasity Williams: 573.795.0074

Meg Rogers: 816.518.6667

The Truth is God's word and it shall set you free. As daughters of God we are given power and authority. We have to look at God's word for these truths of our authority and walk in it. As we build community and study God's word we will find those truths and encourage one another to walk into them.



Wednesdays @ 7:30pm, Johnston

Cass Malcom: 417.536.3089

Alexis Pearson: 734.674.8741

We are not perfect. We have our struggles and we will fall sometimes. Join us as we learn to strive to daily humble ourselves and to accept God's grace. Together we'll learn to grow into the beautiful women of God we are meant to be.






Wednesdays @ 7pm, Gillett

Adrianna Dieckmann: 816.237.9560

Julie Hutton: 471.554.0136

Bailey Lape: 573.579.5961

This world and even our physical life has defined boundaries. But we serve a God who is not confined to anything. Join us as we break out of the box and discover the limitless potential we have in Jesus.


Wednesdays @ 6:30pm, Mark Twain

Bekah Williams: 636.232.4011

Kelsey Bradley: 773.957.8678

Kaitlyn Litchfield: 573.979.1773

In Matthew 13, Jesus compares hearing the word of God to seeds being planted. He talks about how we can all hear the message of the Kingdom, yet have very different responses to it. What happens to those seeds is determined by what kind of soil they are planted in. Join us as we explore what it means to be rooted in Jesus.

Thursday Night Groups


Thursdays @ 7pm, Gillett

Abby Malloy: 571.442.3473

Marta Payne: 785.731.1113

In college, we're told that we have a "new found freedom," but often we hand our freedom over to jealousy, pride, selfishness, addiction, and captivity to sin. Thankfully that captivity isn't where we have to stay. Walk with us as we explore how to truly be free. 

Leaning into Him

Thursdays @ 7pm, Dogwood

Taylor Grimshaw: 314.550.1756

Elizabeth Kahrs: 573.480.5286

We are going to take a journey this year in learning how to lean into our Heavenly Father. No matter what life may throw our way, we still have to put our trust in Jesus and learn how to lean on Him and He will make our path straight.


Thursdays @ 7pm, Hatch

Tiana Griffin: 847.624.2835

Hannah Rogers: 417.988.1615

Micala Gillen: 417.763.5105

College is a time when we all have the chance to redefine ourselves. Regardless of what we've been through, we all have skewed images of who God is, who we are,and who He's created us to be. We want to be a group of women who are redefined by Christ, His grace, and His perfect love for us. 



Thursdays @ 7pm, Gateway

Ashley Smith: 816.255.4942

Angela Jarvis: 573.247.5356

Emily Smith: 573.576.9886

Who we surround ourselves with as friends determines many of our choices, paths, and just life. Join us as we look at what the world may define as friendship and what a true Christian community should look like.