Tom & Missi Trask

were married on January 3, 2003. As children they both felt that God wanted them to serve as Missionaries and in the fall of 2005 they were offered the position of Chi Alpha Directors at Mizzou, which they accepted and began in the summer of 2006.

Their passion and desire is to see Jesus touch the lives of every student at Mizzou. Their prayer is to see every student involved in Chi Alpha develop a personal relationship with Jesus as they daily grow closer to Him. Love God, Love People!

On a personal note, December 27, 2013, God blessed Tom and Missi with a beautiful baby girl, Taylor Emma, who is a precious little girl and has been a blessing to all who meet her. They love to hang out with students and friends, play games, drink coffee. They would love to add you to their family so they can affectionately call you one of their “kids.”


Julie Hutton

graduated from Mizzou’s College of Education in May 2010 with a degree in early childhood/elementary education. She got involved with Chi Alpha her freshman year and let God take the reigns in her life. The next year she stepped onto the ministry’s leadership team and was elected the student president her senior year. She’s gone on/lead Chi Alpha mission trip's the past 11 years. It was on one of these trips the Lord called her into full-time ministry. 

In January 2010, Julie listened to the Lord’s call on her life to start full-time ministry with Chi Alpha at Mizzou. She leads bible studies, mentors girls, and leads worship. Her heart is to see students come into a personal relationship with Jesus and live an empowered life through his Holy Spirit. God is also opening up doors for MXA Worship to serve beyond XA. Their heart is to inspire and equip the Church to worship with a new level of sincerity and freedom. Their first album is available at mxaworship.com.  

Julie loves to sing, whether it’s while blow-drying her hair or jamming out with the worship team. There’s always a song to be sung! Some of her hobbies include playing games, running with friends, and drinking tea. Above all, she loves hanging out with people and making new friends!

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Angela Jarvis

graduated from Mizzou with a degree in Communication in May 2011. She got involved with Chi Alpha her freshman year. The next year she stepped onto the ministry’s leadership team and was a student officer for two years

In January 2009, Angela felt the call to go into ministry. She served as a Give-A-Year for the two years following graduation before joining full time staff in Fall 2013. Her heart is to see students realize the love, grace, and forgiveness that the Lord can give them. She desires for students to be continually going deeper in their relationship with the Lord and loves to mentor and walk alongside them in that journey.

Angela loves to be around people. It could be hanging out with students at the house, mentoring her small group girls, or just taking a student to get a Sonic soda. Some of her hobbies include Pinterest projects and cosmetology. She also loves spending time with her amazing family and six adorable nephews. Above all, she loves making people feel welcome and a part of this amazing community.


Becca Clay

graduated from Mizzou in May of 2013 with a degree in InterdisciplinaryStudies. She found her home away from homewith her Chi Alpha family her freshman year. Inspired, challenged, and encouraged by her small group leader's pursuit of Jesus, she allowed Jesus to take over her life and quickly felt called to a lifetime of missions.  She served as president of Chi Alpha her junior and senior year and after serving in the Give-A-Year program for two years, stepped onto staff in the Fall of 2015.

Becca is currently serving as Mizzou and Columbia College Chi Alpha's International Director which means she gets to love on and hang out with students from all over the world as well! She also enjoys leading English Club and helping International and American students find new friends so that everyone feels like they have a home here at Mizzou.

In her free time, Becca enjoys crafting with friends both old and new at her place with her cat. Jam sessions with the worship team and being a part of anything music related are right up there on her list of favorites too. In her eyes, a Saturday well spent is one at the ballpark with her family watching her brother play baseball.

Kyle & Kathryn Melton

were married July 3, 2016 and stepped onto staff the same year after both being in the Give-A-Year program for two years. Kyle knew early on as a student in Chi Alpha that God was calling him to full-time ministry, and pledged to give-a-year at the World Missions Summit in 2013. Kathryn also pledged to "give-a-year" to Chi Alpha at The World Missions Summit and felt the call to stay at Mizzou Chi Alpha in her senior year.

Kathryn and Kyle both have a heart for Mizzou's campus. Kyle’s heart is to see the guys grow into men who will lead themselves, others, and eventually their families. Kathryn wants to see young women find their confidence in Christ and has a heart for the women in Greek Life.

When they’re not spending time hanging out with students, they enjoy relaxing at home and cooking together. Kathryn loves to bake and watch movies, and is always up for meeting for coffee with others. Kyle is an avid Cubs fan and popcorn connoisseur. He also enjoys watching and playing video games. 


Tyler & Morgan Malloy

were married July 21, 2018 and are both full-time staff at Mizzou Chi Alpha. Dedicated to the discipleship and growth of college students, they both feel called to serve the Lord at Mizzou with excellence.

They both love to worship, and are largely involved in Mizzou Chi Alpha's worship team, MXA Worship. Morgan is an incredible song-writer and loves to put the truth of God's word into lyrics. Tyler plays guitar and writes as well, and loves leading others into God's presence through worship.

Both Tyler and Morgan lead Life Group Bible Studies and have a desire to see men and women on Mizzou's campus transformed and changed by a personal relationship with Jesus.

Morgan enjoys watching Netflix, cheering on her St. Louis Cardinals, and drinking Dr. Pepper. Tyler loves to play video games, guitar, do card tricks, and the occasional (frequent...) Pickleman's sandwich run.

Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth graduated from Mizzou in May of 2015 with a degree in International Studies. She got involved in Chi Alpha her freshman year, stepped onto leadership the next year, and served as president of Chi Alpha her senior year. She felt a call to missions during her freshman year and after serving in the Give-A-Year program for two years, stepped onto staff in the Fall of 2017.

Elizabeth is currently serving as Connections Team Coordinator, helping to welcome new students into the ministry and ensure that they know that they are part of the family. She also enjoys helping lead a Bible study and watch God transform the lives of students at Columbia College. The nations will always be close to her heart, and any opportunity to hang out with XAi or new friends from around the world is always taken.  

In her free time, Elizabeth enjoys running the trails around Columbia, knitting blankets, and reading from her stack of books. A good jam session with the worship team, or playing random classic duets with other instrumentalists is always time well-spent. 

Nick Santo

graduated in 2013 with a masters degree in chemistry. He got involved in Chi Alpha during his 2nd year of graduate school, a year after receiving Jesus into his life. Slowly, God started to place a desire to serve in the church. After his first year he started to become involved in our evangelism outreach and in other areas of the ministry.

In January 2013, he felt the calling to serve as an intern following graduation, and stepped onto staff in the Fall of 2017. In addition to leading the weekly outreach team (E-Team Director), Nick also serves as a leader in the Mizzou and Columbia College International outreach team. This means that he has the privilege invite them into his life and share the Gospel with them. Part of serving in the international outreach team also includes leading English Club and helping International and American students find new friends so that everyone feels like they have a home here at Mizzou.

In his spare time, Nick enjoys watching soccer, playing soccer, and learning to play new sports (except for golf). He also enjoys watching movies with friends and learning how to cook delicious and cheap food.