Wednesday Night Groups

Sobe Anidobu: 708-262-0350  Austin Rogers

More than Conquerors

Wednesdays @ 7pm, Dogwood

Tyler Malloy: 571.442.3730

Dalton Wright: 573.291.9947

Being “More than a Conqueror” means living daily in victory within your personal and spiritual life. We’re building a tight-knit group of Life Group guys ready to conquer their battles together, armed with Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Unconditionally Identified

Wednesdays @ 7pm, Location TBD

Sobe Anidobu: 708.262.0350

Jerod Rottinghaus: 816.605.9825

1 John 4:12 says, “No one has ever seen God. But if we love each other, God lives in us, and his love is brought to full expression in us.” Our identity as Christians is rooted in the reality that God’s love is unconditional. There are no stipulations or exceptions. Through knowing His love fully, our lives are changed and we follow Him and bring others into the fullness of that love. This year our life group will be centered around understanding the transforming love we have in Christ and using that understanding to change the atmospheres of our campuses.


The Forgiveness Project

Wednesdays @ 7 pm, Dogwood

Matt Bonderer: 573.999.7314

Alex Weatherspoon: 573.434.6163

Psalms 51: 7-8 describes God’s ultimate forgiveness and the opportunity we have to experience freedom in His mercy. This year we’ll be stepping out of our past and into lives dedicated to God’s future.


Daily Decisions

Wednesdays @ 7pm, Galena

Tim Kuehner: 660.221.3882

Jackson Bacon: 217.361.8440

Every day we’re faced with a ton of choices to make, and some are easier than others. Our goal is to create a strong community of guys that can lean on each other to help make smart, biblical decisions that are pleasing to God everyday.

Thursday Night Groups


Break the routine

Thursdays @ 7pm, Gillette/Hudson

Blaz’ Barton: 417.880.0378

Do you find yourself examining your day to day life wishing some things were different? Intentionally or not, we all find ourselves in unhealthy patterns and habits from time to time. Join me as we dig into the Word and uncover the different areas that Jesus would have us break the routine and redefine our normal standard.


Growth Spurt

Thursdays @ 7pm, Wolpers Basement

Louis Brother: 573.346.2274

Arthur Wands: 573.217.0500

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