Wednesday Night Groups

 Sobe Anidobu: 708-262-0350  Austin Rogers

Devil's Been Talking

Wednesdays @ 7pm, Dogwood

Sobe Anidobu: 708.262.0350

Austin Rogers: 417.841.7562

In our walks with Christ, it is extremely important to listen to His voice for guidance and for a good foundation in Him. Sometimes the enemy likes to use different means to speak words of untruth into our lives in hopes of tripping us up. We want to extinguish those lies and be better equipped to fight back so that we can live empowered under His grace. 


The Lost Boys

Wednesdays @ 7pm, College Ave

Tyler Malloy: 571.442.3730

Jeb Robertson: 573.789.4986

We are a group of guys who depend on one another, are committed to helping each other grow, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are found in Jesus. We want to meet new brothers in Christ and form friendships that will last beyond college.


Who is He?

Wesnesdays @ 7 pm, Hudson

Kyle Melton: 636.448.3412

David Peana: 417.771.0762

Who or what do you picture when you think of God? Our conception of God is one of the most important and defining ideas that shape us and our actions. Paul says in 2 Timothy that his secret to having an enduring and unashamed faith in God came because he knew the God in whom he had believed. Come join us to find out who He is!


Thursday Night Groups



Thursdays @ 7pm, South

Yixiang Gao: 573.825.1296

Jacob Zimmer: 858.386.3321

David Steinmeyer: 573.418.8425

It is our goal to gear up with the four main ingredients for an explosive outpouring of spiritual empowerment throughout daily life: Christ, compassion, commission, and caffeine. Welcome to C4, the first step to an explosive life of faith.



Thursdays @ 7pm, Gateway

Blaz' Barton: 417.280.1328

Tim Keuhner: 660.221.3882

Do you know what it's like when you have a ton of plans perfectly in place, and all of a sudden...reality sets in? So do we. Sometimes life throws an unexpected curveball which can leave us feeling stressed, frustrated, and even anxious. Join us as we learn how to, and rely solely on, His strength on this blind journey of faith.